About SmartCapture

SmartCapture is a digital capture tool designed to allow efficient collection of digital building information. It is a component of , a smart urban platform designed by APX to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Public Safety agencies. With SmartCapture, first responders can use iOS® devices to quickly capture data and photos, which are used to automatically generate digital building plans. By default, the fully customizable SmartCapture forms are NFPA 1620-compliant, and high-quality photos—including floorplans, shutoff locations, fire hydrants and more—can be captured using the built-in smart device camera, or by being pulled from third-party mapping tools like Pictometry, ESRI, or Google Maps.

Upon completion, the building information plans are automatically uploaded to the CityScape cloud server if the user is within network coverage. If not, SmartCapture saves the plan locally, and uploads it once network connectivity returns. Once synced, the pre-incident plans are instantly accessible for mission-critical use by applications like .