About SmartInspect

SmartInspect is a digital capture tool designed to allow the efficient collection of digital building information for scheduling, completing, and managing building inspections. It is a component of , a smart urban platform designed by APX to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Public Safety agencies. With SmartInspect, fire departments can use iOS® devices to quickly capture data and photos as a part of digital building inspections. Textual data can be quickly captured using free-text fields or pick-lists, and high-quality photos of any observed violations can be captured using the built-in smart device camera. Once complete, building inspections can be instantly sent to the building contact via email. An email report summary, as well as a detailed PDF report, are sent to the contact automatically.

Building inspections can be managed from the SmartInspect Tab of . From there, inspections can be created, assigned to inspectors, and managed (e.g. deleting, rescheduling). Users are also able to view inspections history, an inspections activity dashboard, and manage completed inspections (e.g. email completed inspections, modify failed inspections).

Upon completion, the building information plans are automatically uploaded to the CityScape cloud server if the user is within network coverage. If not, SmartInspect saves the inspection locally, and the inspection can be emailed and synced up to the server once network connectivity returns.