Creating SmartInspect Accounts

A SmartInspect account is required in order to use the application. To create SmartInspect accounts, an Organization Admin user must use the browser-based CityScape Admin application. When creating SmartInspect accounts, an Admin must generate for users an Account ID, Account Name, and Account Password. Alternatively, Admins can generate and send an activation link to an Email or Phone Number: this link can then be used by recipients to create Account Credentials, and expires after 72 hours. The message sent to recipients contains a link that directs new users to create a password for their new account. The Account ID is the Email or Phone Number to which the link was sent (unless the link is sent to an Account Receiver).

Account ID

An Account ID is the unique identifier used when signing in to SmartInspect. An Account ID can be either an Email Address or a Phone Number. The ID chosen must be unique and not used for another SmartInspect (or SmartCapture) account.
Note: When creating an account, an email address or phone number other than the one used as the Account ID can be selected as the receiver of account credentials. Using the Receiver feature, newly created account credentials can be sent to a common email address and then distributed to individual devices.

iPads only: LTE or 3G-enabled iPads are not able to receive SMS messages. If the phone number associated with an iPad's SIM card is selected as the Account ID, use the Receiver feature to send the account info to a different phone number or email.

Account Name

An Account Name must be provided for SmartInspect accounts, and is used mainly for administrative purposes, such as organizing accounts by vehicle (e.g. Fire-Inspector-1). Account Names are not used during the sign-in process.


Passwords are generated when creating SmartInspect accounts. This password must be entered during sign-in. Passwords must be at least 8 characters and contain a combination of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. Passwords can be manually generated or auto-generated.