Using SmartView

SmartView allows real-time, authenticated access to the building information collected by an organization using SmartCapture. By default, SmartView is setup to present collected buildings upon a map view, with the buildings represented by pins on the map. SmartView can also be configured to present a building list view, and the application allows toggling between the two views. Either view can be used to quickly find and access building information plans, all within a couple clicks/taps.

SmartView can also be used to get directions to any building in the database, to zoom to your current location, and to access integrated Google Maps features like real-time traffic and Street View.

SmartView can also be used to send Share Links to people outside of your organization: these links are sent as URLs via email or SMS, and have a set expiration time configurable by APX.

Topics covered in this section include navigating and using the SmartView map, generating directions to buildings, accessing and viewing building information plans, and creating/sending Share Links to building information plans.