Using the SmartView Map

When SmartView is accessed, users are brought to the SmartView map. The map displays all buildings within an organization's database: buildings are represented as pins placed on the map. Depending on the zoom level of the map and the number of pins, pins may either appear in their specific building location or be aggregated into coloured, enumerated clusters.

Map Clusters

Building pins are grouped into clusters when the map is zoomed out. Tapping on a cluster will zoom in on that location. The number of pins within a cluster is displayed numerically, and clusters are also color-coded in the following manner:
  • Blue: 2-9 buildings
  • Yellow: 10-99 buildings
  • Red: 100-999 buildings
  • Pink: 1000-9999 buildings
  • Violet: 10,000 buildings or more

Familiar Google Maps features like toggling between map/satellite views, real-time traffic, and Street View are also available in SmartView. If location services are enabled, users can get directions to any building in the database.