To Access Google Street View from the SmartView Map

This procedure details the steps for accessing Google Street View from the SmartView map.
  1. If necessary, open SmartView
    Tip: If a shortcut has been added to the Desktop or Home Screen, it can be used to open SmartView. For Android and iOS devices, the shortcut is represented by the SmartView icon.
    Trouble: If you do not see the SmartView map, you may be in the Building List. To switch views, select the View Switcher button in the top right, and select Map to switch to the Map view.
  2. In the bottom right corner, select and hold the Street View icon
  3. Drag the icon to the desired location on the map
  4. Release the icon
    The screen will zoom into the selected location.
  5. Select and drag on the screen/window to pan around
    Tip: Select the Phone Rotate icon to toggle device-based orientation. Street View will pan based on the device's current orientation.
  6. Select the displayed arrows to move around in SmartView
  7. Select the Back to Map icon to return to the SmartView map
    Trouble: If the Back to Map icon is not visible, it may be above the current viewing area. Swipe or scroll up to reveal the icon.
Google Street View has been successfully accessed from the SmartView map.