To Generate Directions to a Building

This procedure details the steps for generating directions to a building in SmartView.
  1. If necessary, open SmartView
    Tip: If a shortcut has been added to the Desktop or Home Screen, it can be used to open SmartView. For Android and iOS devices, the shortcut is represented by the SmartView icon.
    Trouble: If you do not see the SmartView map, you may be in the Building List. To switch views, select the View Switcher button in the top right, and select Map to switch to the Map view.
  2. Using the SmartView Map, navigate to the desired building
    Tip: The SmartView search bar can also be used to find a building. Enter the building name or address in the search bar, then select the displayed result to navigate to that building.
  3. If necessary, select the pin for the desired building
    A label will appear above the pin.
  4. Select Directions
    Directions from the user's current location to the selected building will be provided.
    Note: Both visual directions (a blue line highlighting the route) and turn-by-turn textual directions are provided.
Directions to a building have been successfully generated using SmartView.