Adding Information to an Inspection

The main function of SmartInspect is to facilitate the efficient capture of critical building information (e.g. information collected during the creation of a pre-incident plan or an inspection). Textual information can be captured using the device keyboard or choice-lists. High-quality photos can be instantly added to the created inspection, either by capturing a photo with the device camera or uploading a photo saved to the device or a cloud storage provider.

Inspection Information (Text)

Textual information collected during an inspection typically dictates whether an inspection results in a Pass or Fail. Text fields within the inspection section—most often choice-list fields—are linked to specific code violations. When completing an inspection in SmartInspect, each field is given either a value of pass, fail or other. If a fail value is entered for a field, the linked code violation will appear in the inspection report.

Other textual information not linked to a specific code violation can be entered into note fields.

Searching for Images with the iOS Files Browser (requires iOS 11 or newer)

Devices running iOS 11 or newer can browse for images using the iOS Files Browser. When the camera icon is selected, Browse will open the Files application. Users can then search for images stored to the iOS device and import them into SmartInspect.

Re-using Images in SmartInspect

Images captured in SmartInspect (either using the device camera, device Photo Library, or the site plan capture capability) can be re-used by tapping Building Record Image; all images that have been used within the current plan or inspection can be re-used in another field (e.g. lock box location). When Building Record Image is selected, a library similar to the Photos Section will be presented, from which a user can select an image for re-use.

Site Plan Capture

A satellite image can be captured from within the application, allowing the creation of a site plan that can then be annotated with linkable icons. Form fields that allow a site plan will open up a satellite view when the site plan option is selected. Users can navigate to the desired position and capture the satellite image.
Note: The site plan capture capability is not typically available within the Inspection section. However, since the SmartInspect form is customizable, this capability can be added to the Inspection section. By default, the site plan capture capability is located within the Site Plan section.


For some buildings, there may be several items of the same type (e.g. Hydrants, Shutoffs), for each of which separate information must be entered. In SmartInspect, tables can be used to input one or more of the same type of object. Selecting the the Plus Button will add a new table row containing a complete set of the table's fields: selecting the the Minus Button for a particular table row will delete the row.

Saving Changes

To prevent accidental or unwanted changes, SmartInspect requires users to save form changes. To save changes made within a section, users must tap Save upon completion of the section. Navigating away from a section without saving will present an alert prompting users to Save or Discard any changes.
Note: Images and PDF documents are automatically saved when added to a building information plan.