Managing SmartInspect

From the CityScape Admin interface, users can access a number of SmartInspect functions and administrative settings through the SmartInspect SmartInspect tab. SmartInspect is designed as a module of SmartCapture, one that allows users to complete and manage fire inspections. While CityScape Admin mostly provides administrative/management functionality for SmartCapture and SmartView, it allows users to access a number of additional features for SmartInspect. The SmartInspect Admin Portal allows users to generate and modify inspection requests, modify completed inspections when violations are reported as fixed, and view the organization's inspections history and inspections dashboard.

Topics covered in this section includes generating inspection requests, reviewing scheduled inspections, modifying inspection details, deleting inspection requests, viewing inspection history, modifying completed inspection reports, viewing inspection activity reports, and configuring SmartInspect settings.