Modifying Inspection Request Details

CityScape Admin allows users to modify certain details of inspection requests. Inspection Request Details that can be modified include Building Name, Inspection Type, Requested Completion Date, Inspection Frequency (if persistent inspections is enabled), Comments, or Email address to receive inspection reports. Users with the Inspector Manager role can also assign inspection requests to inspectors.
Note: Modifying an inspection request's inspection frequency will affect the scheduling of future inspections for that occupancy.
Inspection details can be modified from the SmartInspect SmartInspect tab by selecting the Inspection Requests Inspection Requests tab and then Edit Inspection for the desired building.
Tip: Inspection details can also be modified from the Map View of the Inspection Requests Inspection Requests tab by selecting a building pin and then selecting Edit Inspection.
Inspection requests can also be re-assigned in bulk through the Inspection Requests list. Inspection requests can be selected and then re-assigned to a new Inspector user by selecting the Re-Assign Inspection Requests and selecting a new user.
Note: A user must have the Inspector Manager role to re-assign inspections. A user with only the Inspector role can only use this function to unassign inspections from their own account.