Previewing a Building Information Plan

SmartCapture lets users preview how collected information and photos will appear in . Previews open the building information plan to the first Site Plan image, and are complete with hyperlink menus and icon annotations. (See a detailed screenshot here.)

Hyperlink Menus

Within the building information plan, there are two hyperlink menus that assist users in navigating the plan: the main menu and the breadcrumb menu. The main menu shows each record section; tapping a section will navigate to that section. The breadcrumb menu is a navigational aid that identifies a user’s position within a record, and appears above the currently displayed section. Users can use the breadcrumb menu to navigate backwards up the building plan's hierarchy.

Active Icon Annotations

If a building information plan has images annotated with hyperlinked icons, the icons can be used to navigate the plan. Selecting an icon will navigate the user to the linked information.

Clustered Icons

Icon positioning is determined by SmartCapture users during data collection. To avoid icon overlap, SmartView automatically detects any overlapping icons, and animates these icons to fade in and out; this animation can be paused using the Animation Pause icon. If a group of animated icons is selected, each overlapped icon will be re-positioned to allow selection, and a line will be drawn to the icon's original position. Selecting a re-positioned icon will pull up any linked information, while selecting any other part of the image will restore the original icon positioning.