Using the SmartCapture Map

To collect information using SmartCapture, a location must be selected: each building information plan must have a unique address. Users can navigate the map (see SmartCapture Map) using swipe and pinch/expand touch gestures.The built-in map displays a green pin representing the user’s current location, while red pins represent all created plans. Lastly, a purple represents a user-defined location, and will be presented when using the map’s search bar or by long tapping on a map location. Tapping the label for a green pin or purple pin will open a dialog box for users to enter any necessary building information. Tapping Submit will confirm the location of the new building information plan, and the plan will open.

A new building pin can be created using the current location or by using a user-defined location, and existing plans can be modified by selecting that building's red pin.
Note: If an account also has the user role for SmartInspect, ensure that Preplans is selected. If Inspections is selected, building information plans cannot be created.