Modifying Completed Inspections

SmartInspect's Admin Portal allows users to modify certain results of failed inspections and generate a new report based off of the changes. Passed inspections cannot be modified from SmartInspect's Admin Portal. Modifying failed inspections can be completed from the List View of the Inspection History Inspection History, within the SmartInspect SmartInspect tab by selecting Failed Inspection Actions and then Quick Fix for the desired inspection. This action can be completed by any SmartInspect user, and will bring up an Inspection - Quick Fix window that displays the inspection's details (Address, Inspector and Completion Date), as well as any items that failed.

From the Inspection - Quick Fix window, users can mark failed items as fixed, and then enter a contact name and email address to which a modified report will be sent. Users can also add comments while completing a quick review: these comments are included in the email that is generated and sent to the provided contact. Selecting Submit will send a new inspection results email.

From the Failed Inspection Actions, failed inspections can also have re-inspections scheduled. Selecting Reschedule Inspection will bring up a window that allows a re-inspection to be scheduled. An Inspection type, Requested Completed Date, and Inspector can be assigned to the inspection at this time.