To View a Building's Inspection History

This procedure details the steps in SmartInspect's Admin Portal for viewing the inspection history for a building.
Note: Ensure that SmartInspect has been selected from the CityScape Admin portal. For more information, see To Access SmartInspect on CityScape Admin.
  1. Select Inspection History
    A list of completed inspections will appear.
  2. From the List View, select Report History for the desired building
    Tip: The search bar above the List View can be used to filter the inspection history list.
    A window displaying the building's inspection history will appear.
    Note: The Completion Date, Inspector, and Status for each inspection completed at the address will be displayed. Report Details Show Inspection Report can be selected to present the report details for an inspection.
A building's inspection history has been successfully viewed in SmartInspect's Admin Portal.