To View a Building's Inspection Report

This procedure details the steps in SmartInspect's Admin Portal for viewing an inspection report for a building.
Note: Ensure that SmartInspect has been selected from the CityScape Admin portal. For more information, see To Access SmartInspect on CityScape Admin.
  1. Select Inspection History
    A list of completed inspections will appear.
  2. From the List View, select Show Inspection Report for the desired building
    Tip: The search bar above the List View can be used to filter the inspection history list.
    A window displaying the building's inspection report details will appear.
    Note: By default, the Report Summary will be presented, which displays the Email generated and sent to the building's contact.
  3. Select Report Details to present the full inspection report in PDF
    Tip: To download the PDF, select Download PDF and then save the PDF file to your device.
An occupancy's inspection report has been successfully viewed in SmartInspect's Admin Portal.