Exporting Building Information

CityScape Admin allows users to export the building information collected using SmartCapture. Individual building information plans can be exported to PDF by selecting Export (individual). Bulk information exports can be completed from the SmartCapture SmartCapture tab by selecting Export (bulk). Selecting this button will bring up a window that allows the user to customize aspects of the export. Bulk exports can be output to either PDF or CSV format, and can be completed for the entire organization or for a user-defined date range. If CSV format is selected, users can also choose between exporting all building information for the selected range, or exporting only the building list. If only the building list is exported, the export will be downloaded once it is generated. If building data is selected, a download link will be sent via email—to the provided email—once the export is completed.
Note: The building list contains the building name, civic addressing, latitudinal and longitudinal information, and a URL link for each building information plan in the selected date range.