Importing Building Information

CityScape Admin allows users to import existing information from PDF files into building information plans created using SmartCapture (or to new building pins dropped using CityScape Admin). The PDF import tool can be accessed through the SmartCapture SmartCapture tab by selecting Import for a created building information plan. An import wizard will open that allows users to select a PDF file, at which point each page of the PDF file will be presented for selection. Users can then choose to import any page by selecting it and then selecting Edit. This action will open a window that allows users to modify the selection window, rotate the selected page, and name the image to be generated.

Once the import edits are complete, users can choose to either Save Image to save any modified selection as the image, or Save Page to save the entire page as an image. Imported images will be placed into the selected building infromation plan, under the Other photo type.