Viewing Building Information Plans

Using CityScape Admin, building information plans can be viewed in a couple of ways. The List View is the default view of CityScape Admin, and can be accessed through the SmartCapture SmartCapture tab. Admin users can search the list view for buildings by navigating through the list pages, or by using the search bar that appears above the displayed building list. To view a building, users can select either the displayed building Title or Address.
Note: The building list will show the most recently updated 25 buildings. If the desired building does not appear in this list, use the search bar to search for the building.

Alternatively, buildings can be viewed from the Map View, which displays all collected buildings as pins placed upon a map. To view a building, users can select a displayed building pin and then select View Plan.

Once a building has been selected, it will open to allow the user preview the collected information as it would appear in SmartView.