Navigating Building Information Plans with SmartView

CityScape Admin allows users to navigate through building information using either of the two hyperlink menus, or by using icon annotations.

The main hyperlink menu appears, by default, on the left side of the screen on iPad and desktop devices. On smaller devices such as iPhones, the menu can be accessed by selecting the Expand Menu Icon icon. It displays all available SmartView sections, and allows users to navigate between them.

The breadcrumb hyperlink menu appears above the currently displayed section. It indicates where within the building plan hierarchy the user is currently located. For example, if a user is reviewing an image within a section named Site Plan, the Breadcrumb menu will display Home > Site Plan > Images.

Icon annotations are icons that can be placed on images using SmartCapture. These icons can then be linked to additional information. Selecting one of these icons provides users with a quick, alternative form of navigation.